March 20, 2008

  • I’m bringing Xanga back – drop a comment if you’re with me!

July 31, 2006

  • MIA? or AWOL I have more accronyms to toss out there BRB

    It’s been a while and rather than loose all the information that I’ve typed these past year or so, and rather than switch to the trendy MySpace hordelings, I’ll be posting here, but probably not as often…

    Quick update.

    I’m going to Toronto for my annual ‘cult’ meeting of Red vs. Blue. It’s again held at Ryerson University.  I will also have an Exam to attend on the Monday so I’ll be leaving Toronto on Sunday and although i’d love to spend time with my dad a little more, studying comes first. I’ve been putting off this A+ stuff for too long… *cough* four years *cough*. But, Texx and Donut will be the guests of the evening. I’m either hoping to get the quote by Texx: “Hey Punk, I don’t need a weapon to kill you” or by Donut: “It’s not pink. It’s lightish red.”

    So, I’ll be getting Friday Aug. 4th off and I have tickets to the Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers in the Outfield Box, 11 rows up from the field :) decent seats.

    I’ll be back later

July 17, 2006

  • It’s been too too long :S

    Long story short is that I have been unable to think of or write anything of use in my Xlog here…or even my RvB Log for that matter.

    But, today was different.

    Today, I went with my mother who participated in the Dragon Boat Races to raise money to find a cure to fight Breast Cancer.

    I’ll post more later, its late and I’m tired….

    But my mother’s boat won Best Dressed for the second Year in a row.

    Team name: Jewel of D’Nile


June 15, 2006

  • Here’s what’s happened to me in and around the past month…

    I just wanted to thank everyone for thei

    .. ok that’s just not right :(

    calls for my birthday and well wishes. My dad called from up north on
    business and we got to talking as one usually does on the phone, Edison
    made a good invention, that he did.

    We started talking about the
    Detroit Tigers, how well they were doing, etc. Then we got onto the
    subject of Golf. Because we play it and I was taught it by him. Anyhow,
    I was describing how while Tiger was at a Nike commercial shoot that he
    shattered a camera while shooting… So this conversation happened:

    Dad: You know who Bobby Jones is?

    Me: Yup he’s the famous golfer that created Augusta National golf course

    Dad: *surprised* yes, well back in the day….

    Me: When you used to walk five miles…

    in the snow both ways, we used to goto the movie theatre because they
    didn’t have this In-ter-net thing back then, before the war… And
    Bobby Jones used to have fifteen minute lessons on the big screen,
    which was in black and white colours back then, by the way.

    Jones was the last golfer to continue to use wooden shafted clubs. He
    took a three iron, and they say only god himself can hit a three iron,
    and shattered more than one camera in his day.

    Then we got
    talking about the best Sports Entertainment out there, Wrestling. heh,
    and here you just thought all I did was play video games, golfed and
    listened / watched Anime all my days….

    Chatted about how Terry Funk must be really old.

    Dad: Terry Funk must be at least 90. I myself am 43 now. Because as soon as I turned 50 I started to count backwards.
    Me: So then at some point we’ll be the same age.
    Dad: That’s the plan and I’m sticking too it.

    we got to talking about hockey. This is a true story not a before the
    war bit like above, although the Bobby Jones bit is true.

    Dad: A
    friend of mine travels with the Edmonton Oilers. In fact he was around
    before Gretzky came to the Oilers. He travelled with them when they
    faced Detroit and he said that they were just gassed and had no energy
    getting to the bench or on the ice because they over played themselves
    in the year.

    Me: Yzerman will retire this year… Well they just resigned Chris Chellios to another one year contract….

    Your kidding me… that’s it tell the owner of the Red Wings that I’ll
    lace up the skates and play beside Chellios, in fact I think I’ll go
    outside and skate all night. While your at it get those World Series
    tickets as well.

    So as you can see that’s just a glimpse of my
    Dad and myself. Much like my journals, we too are all over the place in
    our conversations be it on the web or in real life…

    What Kind of Geek are You?
    Name: VertigoX
    DOB : June 13, 1979
    Favourite Color Black
    Your IQ is very high
    You are a computer geek
    Your strength is you can see in the dark
    Your weakness is caffine
    You think normal people are strange
    Normal people think that you are deranged


    Vx Out

    June 13th, 2006

    Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to

    Damn it! lol

    it is officially my birthday today! Woohoo! I’m 27 god dren years old
    today and my day started off great… I woke up, took a shower, got out
    of the shower, walked up the steps and BAM! nearly broke my big toenail
    in half… Ouchies!!!

    Then I went to the gym, did my 80 situps
    and 35 minutes of Cardio all the while my big toe was throbbing… I
    think I need some aloe vera rubbed on my neck. Doc! Where are you when
    I need you, great scott!

    When I went for my meal replacement
    shake because I just didn’t fell like the rocks in my stomach
    McDonald’s Egg Mc Muffins…I usually order Chocolate with Milk, Ice
    and Apple Raspberry to drink… They discontinued my Apple Raspberry!
    So I had to have Mango… Mango!? Come on! Let’s put it this way, I
    could taste the milk and chocolate more than I could taste the Mango…

    into work today and I was really seriously thinking of taking the day
    off but what a better way to have a good day than to play WoW at
    work… Then I forgot it’s Tuesday and the daily Maintenance… Dren it
    all to frell!

    So, I’m sitting here typing this all out and
    listening to enmasse amounts of Anime OST’s while formatting a computer
    for work. The OST’s I’m listening to are:

    Someday’s Dreamers
    Rurouni Kenshin OSTs
    Cowboy Bebop OSTs
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Heroes of Might and Magic V (that’s Five in roman numerals :P )
    Warcraft III OST

    It’s my birthday I’ll listen to what I want too. If I could get Elnea’s haunting Halo song to DL i’d add that one is as well.

    I’d also like to really thank OboeCrazy and her beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday on her wonderful sounding Oboe!

    Also, Nancy aka Maggs10 a beautiful and wonderful woman in NS which I went to two years ago sent me this today: If you can’t view the picture, look in my Images section! :D she’s too special for words and is a really great person.

    So, look her up and give her a big RvB welcome. Maybe not a Glomping, al la Gus, but a welcome nonetheless :D

    Let’s see how the rest of my day goes!

    Wikipedia is perfect for information gathering because these important events happened on my birthday:
    On this day…
    June 13:

    1898 – Yukon Territory was formed, with Dawson chosen as its capital.
    - In one of the biggest upsets in championship boxing, underdog James
    J. Braddock defeated Max Baer to become the heavyweight champion of the
    1966 – The Miranda v. Arizona ruling established the Miranda warning.
    1971 – Vietnam War: The New York Times began to publish the Pentagon Papers.
    1983 – Pioneer 10 (pictured) became the first man-made object to pass the orbit of Pluto.

    For those of you that play WoW and hate trying to find out what
    enchanting items require what mats, etc and are constantly searching
    through things.

    My good friend, Mac, wrote a program that is easy to use, updatible and only 700k.

    it out. It has a tutorial file under the help section. Best of all, it
    already has all of the Alchemy/Enchanting recipes already filled out.
    Next is Engineering.



    OboeCrazy sent me this: Happy Birthday tooo ME!!! YAY!!!


    Kurt aka Vx the 27year old bday boy

    June 11th, 2006

    Not dead, just uninspired…and my birth

    damn it! I’ll never get used to that lack of space in the title…

    Moshi, Moshi my fellow RvBers :D

    To be honest, nothing of note has really happened to me… Except for the following:

    went to my cousins graduation party today. While not a big occasion, it
    got me out of the house and I saw family and a ton of S & N’s
    friends that I hadn’t seen before and everyone seems to be either
    married, engaged or soon to be married, which I guess would be
    considered engaged….

    Apparently one of S’s friends had a baby
    and about 4 weeks later it unfortunately died. What was sad was she had
    taken a ton of pictures and no one to really share it with. From what I
    could recall … it was a genetic defect between the two adults
    male/female that caused the lungs to collapse, it was really sad to
    hear. She was making a scrapbook of that no-longer with us, deceased

    I know I couldn’t do that…

    Let’s see what
    else… Oh ya I DL’d Penn & Teller’s Bullshit Seasons 1 – 3. I have
    to admit its insightful, informative and funny at times :) If you can
    rent it I’d say go for it. I loved the episode about Feung Shui and
    Bottled Water. FS isn’t a science. and Bottled water isn’t healthy for
    you. Infact Dasani is Pepsi without the Syrup and Aquafina is Coke
    without the Sryup. Also a majority of the ‘bottled’ water is municipal
    tap water as well.

    I formatted my computer recently. Then
    realized that my D drive was failing so I backed up everything. That
    took 6 DVD’s crammed full of stuff and pron.. and more stuff and more
    pron… did I mention stuff?

    Birthday is on Tuesday June 13. I’ll be 27 years old and because of car
    insurance, paying off RRSP Loans, etc I’ll be broke… But, at least my
    guildmate in WoW Deli, sent me freshly baked Smores Cookies… They
    were all broken apart and sent 7 days before, but the thought was nice
    and they tasted great, if not a little crumbly.

    I finished a
    website for my JJ class. It is a traditional Japanese Ju-Jutsu martial
    art. Not like Elnea’s Tai Chi where knees apparently just fly all over
    the place and in a multitude of directions ;) But that’s like Haley’s
    Comet, once every 2,000 years… Next 2,000 years it will be spleins!

    I saw a movie recently. Some may of heard of it. Apparently
    it is had a cult following like A-Team, Dr. Who and Titus… it’s
    called Battle Royale. Now, maybe I have become desensitized by violence
    on TV, and in Anime/Movies. But, yes this was bloody. The acting wasn’t
    that great, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the craziest solution to
    “culling the heard” so to speak. We talk about over crowding in
    schools. This would take place on a desserted island. 43 boys and 43
    girls and they kill each other with various weapons that they get in a
    bag. Until one survives….

    Give the term: Honour Student. A whole new meaning :)

    I’m twisted Iknow.

    Ja Na.

    June 5th, 2006

    I know it’s been a few days…maybe a we

    It’s probably been a week. But to be honest, nothing’s happened to me.

    mean I recently picked up Tiger tickets for the St. Louis Games on
    Friday and Sunday next weekend… Got tickets for Oakland on the 22nd
    of July.

    Then on the sports news I heard that Alexander
    Puljoisxyz pulled his bicep muscle and will be out 15 days DL but
    probably be out for 6 weeks… craptastic! That was one of the players
    that I wanted to see hit a homer or two…

    I was helping clean
    up my grandfathers house because he’s moving into a Condo… it took 6
    hours of wrapping up antiques…. Friday on my day off mind you…

    RRSPs aren’t doing well, or rather, the company is doing well but I’m
    not making very much per year… So I’m dropping that RRSP company and
    going somewhere else. To top it all off I just took out a lump sum to
    pay off my loan for my Taxes, etc… So I nearly went under a specific
    amount that I never go under… Needless to say, I will be tight on
    cash for a bit…

    My Co-Worker is leaving this week permenantly
    because he’s moving up to TO to find a better job. So I’m stuck in this
    job playing WoW and finding a better paying steady days job. I think
    I’ll apply to the clerical pool again.

    What else…

    I know there is more but I can’t think of anything right now… Also,
    there is no way in hell I can keep pace with OC or Elnea :S too many
    cooler journals than mine…

    June 2nd, 2006

    Must not get into the lull of complanxfr

    Mushi, Mushi all:

    I know, I know I’ve missed a few days….

    see… For starters, I’ve finally posted a few new pictures. Sure, they
    are all of my exploits in WoW and how cool a Mage in a pimped out Epic
    dress can totally kick ass. But, I can totally justify myself in a
    dress in two easy steps.

    1) It’s a freaking Epic!
    2) I have the legs for it.

    if you’ve been playing as long as I have its justified :) That and you
    have spent a year almost two on another game that has totally
    imursed… Emursed… consumed your being into the realm of fantasy,
    lore and of course…. cute gnomes.

    Because Gnomes are the snugglies … that and they are totally puntable! heh.and now a cut to todays sports highlights:

    Welcome sports fans to the match between The Beast of Upper Blackrock Spire and the PUG of Ironforge players.

    The Beast has lost the toss and the PUG has elected to receive the kick.

    Fans are screaming at the sight of the Beast and his awesome power, listen to them now!

    Bob the Orc: “Oh my god! We’re going to die!!! Save us!”
    Samuel the Orc: “It’s loose! Who forgot to feed him today?!?!”

    the fans are ravenous with anticipation here at the Pitt. Oh, it looks
    like Boomer the Gnomish Warrior has decieded to receive the Punt and
    the rest of the team is standing by…

    Boomer rushes in…. The
    Beast is lumbering forward at an extremely fast pace for it’s size…
    must of been all those dwarfs he ate last week… Here’s the kick..

    look at Boomer fly! I think The Beast set a new record. I’ve never seen
    a Gnome stuck that far into the stone ceiling since Slappy the Gnome of

    Well that concludes today’s sporting event. Thanks for watching and good fight, good night (guess that quote)

    than that, I’ll be seeing a few ball games this year. With the Detroit
    Tigers doing so well and a friend of mine has some tickets, we’ll be
    seeing St. Lois Cardinals vs. Detroit Tigers on Friday (whenever they
    play, I think next week) and Sunday.

    Then in July, Oakland Athletics are in town and we’re seeing them on a Saturday.

    I know I’m going to have a blast at these games, but it really cuts
    into BWL and AQ40… Oh well I’ll manage and get out of the house more ;)

    Also, I have a day off today, and a Dentist appointment…
    I’ve kinda put that off since February, but not because I have bad
    teeth, I brush regularly and floss and all that but I just haven’t had
    time that’s all :)

    So off I go into the wild blue yonder (guess that one as well)

    Ja Na!

    May 28th, 2006

    Just saw X-Men III! wow… wow…

    It is amazing that I have learned from various sources that the amazing
    X-Men / Spiderman cartoon hour back in the early – mid 90′s is
    completely different from the Comic book series…

    TV can’t be wrong! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    that is all that I have to go by. I also have better sources that the
    Internet. Macgregor a friend of my and a guildmate and a comic book
    junkie and another guildmate, Shiloh (who has been reading the
    Spiderman comics and X-Men comics since 1979!

    So when I went to see X-Men III I was expecting a mediocre performance… Boy, was I wrong.

    I will NOT spoil it for those of you out there. It is well worth the price of admission to go pay the movie and see it.

    I will tell you this… X-Men IV is completely wide open plot wise and storyline wise…

    May 27th, 2006

    OMG it IS fiction!

    Well, today is a day that will live out its life in infamy… Boy,
    that’s one way to screw up a famous Winston Churchill quote. hehe.

    I’ve seen only one movie and that was the Da Vinci Code. Now, for those
    of you that are strict Catholics and believe every single word in the
    Bible…. I have a sentence to say to you….. Good for you.

    this movie is based on a novel that clearly says on the back that it
    is, get this, Fiction… I know what a strange concept. Something that
    had real places and events that have happened and yet it has been
    interwoven into a myriad of words and a tapestry of phrases that has
    sparked such debate that one book has spawned about a hundred most to
    discredit this one book.

    The only one laughing at the
    non-believer’s is not the Catholic church, but Dan Brown the author.
    This controversy as you would have it has made this man a millionaire
    five times over at least.

    What did this controversy give him? Besides, probable death-threats and national media coverage? It gave him free publicity.

    So. For those of you that liked the book (and I’m one of them) and for those of you that didn’t… Go see the movie anyhow.

    You can’t go wrong with Tom Hanks, Ian McKellan (sp) and Jean Renu.


    Oh ya, there’s a wedding I have to goto today and X-Men III is out…. I think I may skip the reception and goto the movie

    May 26th, 2006

    I expected it and yet I didn’t…

    Times are changing.. Nate, my co-worker just handed in his two weeks
    notification today… which means that I’ll be working alone with my
    Boss now. For however long they deem that they need me.

    for those of you that know of my situation and think that it is great
    that all I do is play video games, etc all day.. .Yes, it is fun. But,
    it gets boring rather quickly to be honest with you. I actually
    expected this to happen when my co-worker took Friday, Sat – Thursday
    of this week off, I expected that he was looking for work…

    Thing is, he is/was the programmer of the MIS department… I really don’t want to be programming…

    I have deceided to play games and get paid as well as looking for a new
    job. I leave jobs on my own terms. Except for that one job where I was
    escorted out of the office like a common criminal and no one knew that
    I was being fired … but that was another time and place….

    I have now just uninstalled all games off this computer, minus the essentials like WoW (of course… I’m not crazy :) )…

    My Priorities are as follows then:

    - 1) remove all distractions from this computer
    - 2) do a good effort in looking for new work.
    - 3) play a little bit of WoW here and there…

    will be attending my best friends wedding ((See previous Journal: If
    that isn’t a kick to the nuts, I don’t know what is…) for more
    information.)) tomorrow. It’s at 1pm. I will be attending and then
    heading home, spend a few hours looking up jobs and applying everywhere
    I can and then I’m going to see X-Men 3!!!

    He’s a good friend
    and all but the last ten years or so, he hasn’t been that great of a
    friend for me to miss a movie event such as this! :) I mean unless he
    or she is setting me up on a date with someone there, but I highly
    doubt it… but, that’s another story altogether.

May 5, 2006

  • Dun… dun dunnnnnn (oohh, mysterious music… )

    So. Here we are again. Rocking like a hurricane. heh, sorry I had to get that out, I heard a really bad Frank Zappa remix of that song… and by bad, I mean, ouch my ears hurt and they are slowing killing themselves… and that was after thirty seconds…

    So, another week goes by and nothing really happened.

    Class went well. I have learned that without my glasses I am a terrible judge of distance. I was able to goto a ball game this week and the weather was incredible. The sun was shining, the seats were warm and I sat in the sun for three hours or so… My normally pale/gothithesque skin colour went from bright white to OMGLobsterisreadyshutoffthebbqkthx on one side of my neck, and down both arms where my t-shirt didn’t hit…

    I’m feeling the burn, and not in a good way today.

    I’m off to rent a movie or two, hit the gym and do whatever I feel like. I also get Friday’s and Wednesday’s off now… That’s worksharing for you these days….

    Vx Out

April 30, 2006

  • It’s been another few weeks,… I’m here is anyone else?

    Let’s see what’s been happening with me lately…

    For starters, I’ve been going to the gym regularly. Doing a hundred crunches, a hundred pushups and getting my usual 30 minutes of cardio in. Class has been going well and will go even better now that the work-sharing government program is in effect.

    This work-sharing program, if I haven’t already mentioned what it is, allows a company that is slowing down in work to have non-union staff (such as office staff and IT) to take a mandatory day-off at a certain percentage of pay (between 45% and 60% of your current wages for that day off).

    Well, that is going into effect the first week of May… So, during my day shift, I get Friday’s off and during my night shift I get Wednesday’s off…

    So that means for twenty-six weeks (upto thirty-eight weeks) I will get those days off. Which means I can have some kind of social life and back to class which I’ve desperately missed… Next to golf, cooking, chatting with N and being on the computer, Class is my only ability to really let myself go and enjoy it to the fullest.

    WoW Update.

    Just a quick note. We downed Nefarion after 18 tries over 2 days. Green and Black were the colours of the Dragons. 3am EST when we killed him… long, long day…

    DVD’s that you want to see and should, dirtbag!

    Other than that, Red vs. Blue Season 4 has ended and the DVD will be out soon. I’m looking forward to that.

    I’ve also been backing up alot of DVD’s lately from the rental store… So far I have (and will see, if I haven’t seen it already):

    Foreign films:
    White Dragon
    The Warrior
    Final Fantasy Advent Children
    Kung Fu Hustle
    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Other films:
    7 Seconds
    Art of War
    Aeon Flux
    Just Friends
    King Kong
    40 Year old Virgin
    Fun with Dick and Jane
    Layer Cake
    Corpse Bride
    Kingdom of Heaven
    Transporter 2
    Lord of War
    The Crow 3
    Red Eye

    The Lion, the Wedding and the Stag… no, not a movie title…although it could be

    I missed Dave’s Stag because I had to work. I get a message from Jenn asking why I didn’t go, etc etc… I told Dave on the phone when he called me that I had to work nights a week before his Stag. If I could go I would, but there was no way I could of gone… Sorry I missed it. Don’t worry, the wedding (as you keep reminding me) is only under a month away… I get it already…

    Father’s BDay, Mother’s Day and Golfing… what a dilema…

    Got a call from my dad recently, wanted to know if I wanted to go golfing, as if I’d pass that up. In a few weekends its his bday… It’s also mother’s day. I’d better get mom a card and a cake or something for her special day (other than her bday and christmas). I don’t know, I may be able to buy her that Porsche since dad and I are playing a thousand dollars a hole… Maybe a trip to Bermuda…

    Other than that I’m not that busy really.

    Work is Work. Many days I hate people.

    Quote of the Month (formerly known as a symbol or a day)

    “People are like slinkies. Not really good for anything, but still can put a smile on your face when you push down the stairs.” – Ayerthen, maelstrom guild Cenarius.

    Vx Out (Rdy for Inv!)

April 16, 2006

  • Long Weekend, woohoo!

    It’s amazing how a long weekend can put things into prospective.

    I know I haven’t written anything in a while, because nothing has really happened in a while.  Although I did get a call from Dave and Jenn and they asked me to come out and see the boat etc. I did. Jenn asked if I was coming to the wedding and if my folks were.  I know I will be.  However, I’m not sure about the folks.

    So, that means that I’ll have to get a suit, or a few suit jackets and pants. You can never have enough suit jackets and pants. Although I never really have an occasion to wear them… It’s not like I’m blazing into a boardroom with a whole bunch of IT problems… I mean, the servers could be crashing, clients on the phone wondering what the hell is going on. All that wouldn’t matter because I’d be fashionably and sensibly dressed :)

    I got the lawn cut as well today, that was fun. Sweating my ass off in long jeans and a greg norman collared shirt… Yup, that’s my idea of a good time.

    You know that guy that did the thing… the first thing or the second thing…

    I ended up seeing Scary Movie 4. If you haven’t seen that and need a laugh, go see it. It was well worth the price of admission. They brought back the entire Scary Movie 3 cast for this one and you even get to see both full frontal and back nudity in it… Be warned though it was Leslie Nelson… ya, it freaked me out for a sec as well… If only Politics were as funny as he is.

    That;’s about all I can think of right off the top of my head this early on a Sunday morning…. I do hope that my LLT and the beautiful and talented Numfar are doing well… The occasional Hi I’ve been busy with life really gets in the way of Blogging I take it :D

    PS. Ya I know I’m favouring Numfar :P So sue me long, lost twin :D I know you’d agree with me.

    Vx Out

April 1, 2006

  • Where everybody knows your name…

    I was working the afternoon shift… like I do week to week… and I decided, you know what… I’m going to go out and have a nice dinner for an hour, the shop won’t burn down on its own.

    So, I went out to my favourite restaurant, Kelsey’s. I called up CM to see if he wanted to go and we met there. Well, I usually just walk up to the bar and sit down… well I did just that and I hear a voice say, “I want you to throw that guy outta here…” It was Dave and Jenn… “Only if he pays for my bar tab” I replied.

    They motioned to me and I shoke hands, etc etc, had dinner with them and CM came in and for a good little bit, it was an enjoyable time. It was good, until Jenn started to take over the conversation with her students and yet again became the center of attention…

    I learned a few things that night…

    1) They are light eaters.
    2) They enjoyed the fact that I got gingerbread penis’ (see last years christmas party rant). While all Dave got was a Fajita maker (skillet and all) and Jenn got Alcohol (what a shock)
    3) The bachelor party is apparently on Apr. 29 and that we’ll be golfing (Dave and I) that morning…
    4) That I still need to hand in my RSVP and that Jenn still hasn’t meet my Mom and step-dad
    5) That Jenn can finish off a Half bottle of wine, 2 Vodka Martinis in an hour
    6) That Chicago is apparently shorter to get to from Detroit than Windsor to Toronto, Kilometer wise…

    At least my burger was good and instead of the usual hug, I got a hand shake from Jenn. But, they did ask when I was coming over for dinner and that Dave was going to be in town cleaning his boat if I had time to see him. I have to get my hair cut tomorrow so we’ll see.

    I did have a fun time though… despite my comments.


    Work is getting curiouser and curiouser everyday… (name that quote and get eprops from me)

    It is almost my 1 year anniversary with Company #5. Yay me. Which means that I get a pay raise… A minor increase.. but an increase nonetheless…

    What I have just learned is really setting off the red flags in my mind.

    1) The Economy is rough in all areas of business.
    2) Work has been extremely slow.

    What the company is doing is applying for a government grant that will not only give the office staff, including myself and my co-worker, a day off… But it will also give us 45% of our wage for 26 weeks for that one day we have off…

    That’s six months of working, 4 regular days, and getting 1 day off with half pay… I asked for the day that my JJ class is on.. that way I can at least enjoy my class and not feel left out…

    That’s the good news…

    Bad news is, if they cannot find anymore work, etc… then they will have to actually lay off people… I plan on applying anywhere I can elsewhere.

    Vx Out

March 30, 2006

  • Really, its been that long already? Didn’t you get the memo?

    Ya.. did you fill out your TPS Report? Did you get the memo? M’kay…. well then, let’s get on that and I’ll send you another memo just to be sure…

    I’ve mentioned that I’ve been creating websites for a while. I just contacted one of my clients, who was getting a marketing company to design a logo for them… That was three months ago and I hadn’t heard anything from her… So a week ago, I sent her an email asking, what’s up?

    Here’s the response:

    Nothing new with me – just the usual! How about
    As for
    the website, the Marketing group that we are working with might take this on as
    part of their contract (we are actually working as a provincial team which makes
    far more sense but gives me less autonomy at a local level).  Sorry for not
    giving you an update sooner but this is all news to me within the last month.  I
    will let you know how it all turns out.
    I hope
    you are doing well and enjoying the new sunshine – yea


    Three months between emails. Another six months before that while they were getting plans together for the website.  I was cut out of the loop.

    I have a feeling that the Real Estate website is the same way. I’ve sent emails and called and no responses back from him…

    It kinda hurts when things just don’t go your way. I did a ton of work on that Real Estate website too…


    Vx Out

March 28, 2006

  • Today is a day that will live throughout history in infamy! – Winston Churchill

    Today is the day that patch 1.10 comes out… I was looking at the breakdown of the Rogue from T1 set to T1.5 set… its distrubing… I know this will probably scroll down but bear with me…

    V1.10 Shadowcraft – Tier 1 Darkmantle – Tier 1.5
      head chest gloves pants shoulder wrist belt foot   head chest gloves pants shoulder wrist belt foot
    Armor 141 176 105 150 127 71 93 115 Armor 150 185 108 160 136 79 102 127
    Strength 13   9 12     9   Strength 13   12 15   7 10  
    Agility 20 26 14 25 22 15 14 21 Agility 26 31 22 25 24 15 17 24
    Stamina 18 13 9 12 9 7 10 9 Stamina 18 15 9 15 10 7 13 10
    Spirit 5 12 10       9   Spirit                
                       Add bonus 1% Crit chance 2%           inc stealth
    Totals                 Totals                
    Armor 978               Armor 1047              
    Strength 43               Strength 57              
    Agility 157               Agility 184              
    Stamina 87               Stamina 97              
    Spirit 36               Spirit 0              
    Set Bonus BEFORE V1.10 Set Bonus’
    3 pieces:
    Increased Daggers +2.
    2 Piece 8 resistences
    5 pieces:
    Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%.
    4 Piece restore 35 energy
    6 pieces: Improves
    your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
    6 piece 40 AP
    7 pieces:
    Improves your chance to hit by 2%.
    8 piece 200 armour
    8 pieces:
    Increases your damage dealt with offhand attacks by 4%.
    AFTER V1.10
    2 Piece 200 armour
    4 Piece 40 AP
    6 piece restore 35 energy
    8 piece 8 resistences

    The Main thing that I have to point out is the Set Bonus’ at the end… I would rather have the Before V1.10 Set bonus of the Tier 1 set, than have a Tier 1.5 set with those bonus’… its a disgrace…

    *Sad Moo Cow cry…*

    V for Frickin amazing… I mean Vendetta

    In other news, I ended up seeing V for Vendetta. I must admit I was surprised. It was extremely well done movie with vivid images, and an overall storyline that wsa belivible. In fact it reminded me of Matrix 1. Before it got all religious for parts 2 and 3… Well V was directed by the same directors. Who at one point CM said to me that they are no longer the W.Brothers…. But, they are not Brother and sister, one had a sex change…

    Score 1 for CM, he got me to believe that story… go fig…

    Vx Out